30 Apr 2017

Fer mercats, fer ciutat

Since april 4th, it can be visited at Born Centre Cultural, free, the exhibition "Fer mercats, fer ciutat", a review of the markets of Barcelona.

Shown as a sketcher scrap-book, the exhibition shows all Barcelona markets, dividing them in four different stages:

1. The first markets. They are the ones built in a medieval wall contained Barcelona. From 19th century.

2.  Iron and factory materials markets (end 19th century and beginning of 20th century). When the medieval walls were demolished, the city grows and, so, there is a need of buildng new markets (inspired in Modernisn) in villages that became the new quarters of Barcelona.

3. Concrete markets (2oth century). The Spanish immigration wave of 60's caused a quick increase of popullation. This also caused new quarters and, so, the need of new markets.

4. Present. Markets are renovated and they are integrated in bigger structures or are rebuilt.


You can enjoy the exhibition until july 2nd.

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