19 Sep 2017

All Those Food Market 2017 (1)

Although the whole week was with bad weather (two days before raining), the mornings of 16th and 17th of september gave so much light to another "All Those Food Market". This time, it was at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

People filled the place and could enjoy the food and the drinks, participate in food workshops and watch a high number of gastronomical artisans.

Inside the building of the theatre, at the lobby, there was a high number of artisans who shown the sweets they bake...

... or honey they pick...

... or quality nuts the grow ...

... the wonderful oil they make...

... extraordinary cheese and sausages...

... chocolate...

... and other elaborations...

... even plates and glasses to serve food and drinks.

16 Sep 2017

¡Viva México!

"El Grito de Dolores" is considered as the beginning of Mexico independence. And because it was a september 16th, today is the big mexican day.

Here it is not the place to talk about history, because there are books, webs and blogs that do it better, but here we can remember Mexico with some recipes.

Frijoles negros refritos

In a little oil, fry half a big onion, a green pepper and a garlic clove cut tiny. When they are fried, add 300 g of black beans. Mix while smashing beans. After ten minutes, add half a glass of water where beans were boiled, salt, black pepper, a tea-spoon of cummin and another tea-spoon of hot paprika. When water is evaporated, serve puting on it grated cheese.


Fry a chicken breast cut in thin strips with a little of oil. Later, add one big onion, one big green pepper and one big red pepper all cut in this strips. When they are cooked, add a soup spoon of hot paprika, a tea-spoon of black pepper, a tea-spoon of cummin, a tea-spoon of cardamom, a tea-spoon of coriander, half a tea-spoon of ginger and salt. Immediatelly add half glass of water. When water is reduced add a thick tomato sauce made with onion (a big one) and tomato (400 g). Fill the "tortillas" with this preparation and roll.

Mexican horchata

Wash a glass of rice. Immediately, mix rice with a glass of sugar, a stick of cinnamon and four glasses of hot water. Wait a minimum of 5 hours. Grind it up and strain. Drink very cold.

The tasty mexican cuisine is within reach.

7 Sep 2017

Parabéns, Brasil!

Today, september 7th, it is Brazil's Day, the day of its independence.

And, from Beatus Ille, there is no other way to get in mind brazilian people but showing their gastronomy. And you can do it at home.

Let's start with "salgadinhos", a brazilian way to start a meal:


Make a thick puré and let it be cold. Once cold, make some small discs with the puré. Between two discs put chicken (a chicken breast boiled and made threads, fried with a grated small tomato and a small onion cut tiny) and close. Pass the product by flour, egg and grated bread and fried.

If we talk about brazilian gastronomy, we must talk about Feijoada:

In a pot, put 400 g of black beans (have been in water during the night before), 250 g of sausage in slices, 250 g of smoked bacon cut, 250 g of pork ribs cut, 2 bay leaves, salt and black pepper. Cover all with water. When beans are almost cooked, add 1 glass of orange juice, a quarter of cabbage cut very thin and a big onion and half a garlic bulb cut tiny and fried in a bit of oil. Let all reduce. Serve with rice and orange.

One of the biggest sweets in Brazil can be the end of a meal... It is Brigadeiro:

Mix a big can of condensed milk with three soup-spoons of cocoa powder. Put to heat at low fire moving constantly. When the mixture is thick and be almost boiling, put on a dish. Let cold. Later, make balls and pass them by chocolate in small pieces.

Obviously, why not drink a Caipirinha during the meal?

In a glass, smash with a wooden stick one lime cut in eight pieces and three tea-spoons of sugar. Mix. Inmediately, add half a glass of ice in little pieces and 50 ml on cachaça. Full the glass with lime soda.

Let's make Brazil be on your table!

30 Aug 2017

Delicious chalkboards

Juan Linares appered for first time on this blog a time ago. And today he do it again.

This time, he do it as chalkboard illustrator of food places, because he is an specialist in drawing on chalkboards.

The truth is thera are many chalkboards with food designs, but the ones of Juan Linares stand out from the others by quality.

Looking at his works, anyone can get an idea of what can eat... but also, it forces the food places to mantain an aesthetic in dishes for not to disappoint customers. That's the handicap of working with an artist!

16 Aug 2017

Gràcia 2017

As every august, the Festa Major de Gràcia has filled the Vila with decorated streets. During a week, many diferent themes for decorations (as Ghostbusters film, Neverending Story book, circus, snow...) will be seen on streets.

And, of course, food is also there.

At Plaçeta de Sant Miquel i Rodalies there is a mediterranean port, with a typical market.

Because this year is the 200th anniversary of Festa Major, neighbours of carrer Berga have made a sweet party.

And Plaça del Poble Romaní has been transformed into a winery... even with vineyard!