2 Dec 2016

27 Nov 2016

El plat favorit

The first time I was at Antiga Fàbrica Damm was during the presentation of "Plat Favorit dels Catalans", an action where Cuina magazine announced in a formal way that Escudella i carn d'olla was chosen by Catalan people as their favourite dish. And Pa amb tomàquet was the secon one, very close of the first position in votes.

Cal Blay was who cooked both dishes.

Also, there were some producers who took with them their products, as Casa Sendra, with a wonderful cured sausage who was perfect with pa amb tomàquet.

Cooperativa Cadí was present with the creamy Petit Neu.

La Fageda was with its yoghourts and jellies and a yoghourt spongecake where both products joined.

Alemany took honey (differents kinds, all of them very tasty) and very well done turrón.

One of the surprises was calçots Cuits, who showed its product in tempura.

And the other was Sushi Català Olga Rovira, who showed its product that is a meeting of sushi and Catalan recipes... with savory and sweet sushi!!!

17 Nov 2016

FESC 2016

FESC (celebrated on october 21st to 23rd at the old Fabra i Coats of Barcelona) showed, another year, that Cooperative Economy is healthy. The fair organized by XES joined some examples of how to make things with a different economical concept on the background. And in those examples, there were representatives of gastronomical sector.

There were crafted beers...

... sweets...

... food...

And it was not a product made in any way, but with a quality that many ordinary businesses would like to have.