20 Jun 2018

"La Granja " mini-madeleines

People of de "La Granjatrusted again in my sense of taste for tasting a new line of products: delicious mini-madeleines.

These sweets, specially made for the children, were developed in collaboration with Fundació Alícia, for creating products more healthy than the ones designed for the youngest ones. This rise in nutrirional quality (in addition to the usual one because of their ingredients) has been achieved by adding vegetables and youghourt. Yeah, vegetables in sweets:

- Strawberry mini-madeleines
They have beetroot. They have a delicate strawberry scent that make them fresh.

- Banana and choco-chip mini-madeleines
They have coconut and carrot. Although they could seem heavy, they are very light. The combination banana and chocolate is a sure bet.

- Tangerine mini-madeleines
They have pumpkin. Very fresh! They have a delicious citric touch.

They are, as I said before, delicious and quality products, but they also have a plus:the collaboration with L'Espiga, an NGO that works with disabled people for they get an autonomous life.

And I not only ate them. I also cooked some recipes with them:

Cup banana cheesecke

Mix 170 gf of cream cheese with 150 gr of banana puré (mash ripe banana). Put in a cup a little bit of banana and choco-chips madeleine in pieces. On it, add the banana and cheese mixture. And finish with toffee and caramelized banana (with caramel made with sugar).

Strawberry cheesecake in parts

Mix 125 gr of cream cheese with a soup spoon of strawberry sauce. On a dish, put a layer of strawberry sauce and put two small quennelles of cream cheese and strawberry mixtute and some pieces of strawberry madeleines.

About orange color

In a pot, put some small dices of apricot. On them, add mango yoghourt, a little bit of tangerine mini-madeleine and orange blossom honey.

5 Jun 2018

Duty Free - Luton Airport (London)

Continuing with airport's duty free offer, today it is time for London-Luton.

As we saw at Barcelona airport, there are sweets in big packagings...

... as well as big sized chocolate.

So, we can confirm there are products specially designed for airport shops. Also there are customizations.

But, the Bristish souvenirs related with food were marked by English Royal family.

Oh! And some British gin.

1 Jun 2018

Duty Free - El Prat Airport (Barcelona)

An airport duty free is a place full with curiosities related to food.

At Aeroport del Prat (Barcelona) there are sweets that anybody can find usually...

... or giant chocolates...

... passing by products packed for more than one or a long trip...

... or even souvenirs that... that... that... well...

25 May 2018

Mercat de Sant Antoni

After nine years of remodelling, we can enjoy the Mercat de Sant Antoni again.

Now, the panoptic structure (that makes it unique amongst Barcelona markets) can be clearly seen, because old structures for clothes shops and flea market were removed. It is not also stunning but so beautiful.

Indoors, it is very well distributed: clothes and food share building but clothes are on a side corridor at market perimeter. And and market stands, with everyone with its own personality, are being made with an exquisite esthetic sense.

At the nderground level, in addition to a supermaket, there are the acheological site that make remodelling suffered time alterations.

12 May 2018

Sant Ponç 2018

Every may 11th, having a walk by carrer Hospital from Barcelona is something great, because it is full of wonderful colors and scents.

It is Sant Ponç, a saint who helped to fight a plague in Barcelona with medecine herbs. So, the street is full of bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, camomile...

Also, bees are there...

... with their star product: honey, that in this fair is in a vast diversity.

Sweets and spices make company to medecine herbs and honey in this delicious day.