25 May 2018

Mercat de Sant Antoni

After nine years of remodelling, we can enjoy the Mercat de Sant Antoni again.

Now, the panoptic structure (that makes it unique amongst Barcelona markets) can be clearly seen, because old structures for clothes shops and flea market were removed. It is not also stunning but so beautiful.

Indoors, it is very well distributed: clothes and food share building but clothes are on a side corridor at market perimeter. And and market stands, with everyone with its own personality, are being made with an exquisite esthetic sense.

At the nderground level, in addition to a supermaket, there are the acheological site that make remodelling suffered time alterations.

12 May 2018

Sant Ponç 2018

Every may 11th, having a walk by carrer Hospital from Barcelona is something great, because it is full of wonderful colors and scents.

It is Sant Ponç, a saint who helped to fight a plague in Barcelona with medecine herbs. So, the street is full of bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, camomile...

Also, bees are there...

... with their star product: honey, that in this fair is in a vast diversity.

Sweets and spices make company to medecine herbs and honey in this delicious day.

9 May 2018

Fira de Sant Isidre 2018

This weekend there is the Fira de Sant Isidre at Viladecans.

This event started as a meeting of agricultural and farming sector of the zone ¡, but it has become a event for showing with pride the products from the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.

So, las saturday, some gastrobloggers went to the fest introduction and organizers challenges us: we had to cook with Baix Llobregat grown products, specially tomato and pumpkin.

And it seems we did it right, with the help of  Conrad Agell and Mingo Morilla (from Cubat):

Go to Viladecans to enjoy all activities done at Cúbic for showing the wonders grown at Baix Llobregat.

2 May 2018

Molins B de Gust 2018

Gastronomy has a new date at Molins de Rei: Molins B de Gust.

This weekend it starts with the chance of tasting some tapas at Plaça de la Llibertat.

You can see the chances of tapas available from May 7th to 13th at following image:

And if you wish menús, there are some options in the same period:

25 Apr 2018

All Those Food Market 2018 - Spring (1)

The fantastic week for gastronomy at Barcelona ended with the All Those Food Market.

The place was again the TNC and it was a success because it is a wonderful place for this season of the year.

Outdoors, people enjoyed, because of the good weather, with different foodtruck food and craftbeers and crafted vermouth. Or delicious ice-cream, sweets or coffee.

Indoors, as usual, a bunch of artisans offered their products.

I experienced a so tasty chocolate (Exalta) with ginger and lemon, combination that made chocolate be so refreshing.

Also, a very curious gin made in l'Empordà (Nut) with risky flavours added to the neutral one.