15 Dec 2017

Fira de la Puríssima de Sant Boi, 2017 (and 2)

Mossèn Jaume Oliveras square was the Sant Boi's Fira de la Puríssima place dedicated to craft beers.

A good group of brewers joined to the call of Tot Begut Tot Per Beure,with the aim of showing what they do.

People of  Cervesa HOPe showed this year's "Putíssima". A craft beer dedicated to the fair but with variations every year. This edition's one was a ... with fresh fruit scent (it reminded me peach) and some flower notes. In mouth it was so refreshing, with a balanced bitterness and fruit flavour.

Close, it wasv"foodtrucks" area, beer perfect pair.

Bloggers ate at Carambola. Personally, I ate a very tasty pulled pork sandwich. Pickled vegetables with meat made a combination that remembered a Cochinita Pibil.

For making company to the sandwich, some thick chips, very good, crunchy but not hard at all.

12 Dec 2017

Fira de la Puríssima de Sant Boi, 2017 (1)

This year it was the first time on my life I visited the Fira de la Puríssima from Sant Boi.

Expogestió team, the organization of tje fair, made a bloggers meeting that allowed us to know it well.

Day began with a countryside breakfast that gave us strength for next hours.

And fortunatelly we did it, because fair extension made walking much needed, if anybody wants to watch all.

It is not only a fair with clothes, complements and Christmas stuff stands, but something more, because there is place for food and drinks.

Other interesting places of the fair had some relationship with gastronomy.

At la Muntanyeta there was a agricultural world from Baix Llobregat, so well known area because of its greens.

At la Carpa Fresca, in addition to explaining what is done at Parc Agrari del Llobregat, there were showcookings with area products.

Even it was time to show how artichoke beer is brewed.

At Planter, anybody could find fruit and greens and trees to plant in an orchard or a garden...

5 Dec 2017

All Those Food Market - Winter 2017

Cold weather showed All Those Food Market is a remarkable date in Barcelona, because even temperatures were low, Museu Marítim de Barcelona was full.

The gardens of the museum were crowded by those who wanted to experience foodtruck food, this time converted into stands.

That was also the place for making queues for a beer or a vermouth.

Inside the museum, a bunch of artisans showed what they know to do.

Personally, this edition has a name: Kombutxa. They are the producers od a fermented tea with japanese origins with a low alcohol graduation and many nutritional benefits.

It was surprising the contrast between the smell to ferment and the wonderful sensation of a drink with a nice sparkling hint and a a refreshing taste that remembered champagne and cider.