11 Apr 2018

Ruta del Bacallà 2018

This year there was another edition (from march 15th to april 8th) of Ruta del Bacallà, an event created by Gremi de Bacallaners de Catalunya with the collaboration of Damm.

A bunch of restaurants and cod shops offerent suggestive examples of what this fish can offer at kitchen.

There was the chance of having menús with cod as axis, but I chose to eat different dishes cooked with such extraordinary fish. With the company, always, of Inèdit by Damm.

I did not go to everyone.

The first dish I tasted was the "Cod cannellone lacquered with artichoke cream", by Pepa Tomate (Carrer Parlament, 35, Barcelona). Delicious. Very well done cod, tasty and an elegant artichoke cream. Also, playing with textures.

After it, I tasted the "Cod croquettes with chili on a ajoarriero émulsion", by Catacroquet Bistrot (Carrer dels Almogàvers, 211, Barcelona), very excellent croquettes, crunchy on the outside and creamy in the inside, at they must be. Ajoarriero dressed in such a good way the croquette when it was dipped.

The "Unilateral cod omelette", by Dos Pebrots (Carrer del Doctor Dou, 19, Barcelona) was an excellent ending for the route, pretty well done and with a stunning table show.

I hope next year I can do the whole route.

2 Apr 2018

Carpe Birrem 2018 - Calella

This year's Easter brought to Calella another Carpe Birrem edition, an itinerant craft beer fest. As usual in this kind of fests, the ones who like craft beer had the chance of tasting, specially, the ones from local breweries.

First of all, I tasted the IPA Julián Gorospe (by Catalan Brewery), with high presence of hops, as it is logic in this kind of beers. Flowers and fruit scented, it has a taste whith a note of lychee.

Later, I tasted a Pale Ale by Popaire. It has sweet notes, to candy.

At last, it came a Blonde from Popaire. Fresh, with cereal and nuts flavour: I found sunflower seeds taste. 

And, for pairing beer, nothing better than food. A handful of foodtrucks allowed to choose what to eat. 

My choice were extraordinary Argentinian "empanadas" from Magoya. I never experienced such juicy and filled "empanadas". With two of them (one of tuna and another of beef) I had enough.

27 Mar 2018

Mona 2018 (& 3)

And Mones are everywhere, from Raval to la Vila de Gràcia.

Mones from Bomboneria J. Fàbrega (c. Sant Antoni Abat, 7)

Mones from Pastisseria Montserrat (c. Torrent de l'Olla, 81)

Mones from Pastisseria Cusachs (c. Bailén, 223)

Mones from Pastisseria Carrió (c. Bailén, 216)

23 Mar 2018

Miguel Muñoz's showcooking for "Passeig de Gourmets"

The first half of march gave us the first edition of  "Passeig de Gourmets", an activity to show what is done in gastronomy in this main street of Barcelona.

Different places of the Passeig and surrounding offered dishes and menús for people be able to experience their cooking. Also, there were organized some showcookings to give an slight view about a part of gastronomy.

Friday 16th, I had the chance of being at a showcooking about escabetxos (marinades) by Miguel Muñoz, head chef of hotel H10 The One Barcelona (Carrer Provença, 277).

As usual, there was a part to contextualize the showcooking. In the beginning, marinades were conservation methods using vinegar. But because of improvement in machines and techniques for food conservation, marinade is a cooking method as any other. This caused now mariande has less vinegar in recipes.

A marinade, depending on the kind of vinegar, will have differences of scents and flavours, so it can be customized in several combinations. But, a marinade, for being a marinade, must have a 24 hours rest, to assemble all the scents.

The first marinade we tasted was a vegetable one with paprika. It was made with white vinegar. The recipe was delicious, specially because of the vegetables crunchy. They were like pickled.

Immediately, there was a mackerel marinade that has orange juice instead of vinegar. Full of scent, delicate and so good.

The last one was a quail marinade that was almost a Catalan casserole, with pine seeds and prunes. It has a delicious stock made with oven toasted quail skeletons and vegetables. It can be done with another small bird. But, the point is legs should be more time cooking that breastes. The vinegar used was one made with Jerez wine.

For closing the showcooking, Miguel Muñoz mentioned three cooking secrets:

1) Love for what is done
2) Time
3) Patience