3 Oct 2018

BCN Honey Fest 2018

Last Saturday 29th there was the second BCN Honey Fest edition, an event where honey is the main issue.

The Jardins de Sant Pau del Camp at Raval (Barcelona) hosted an action where all about honeywas shown, from honeycomb boxes...

... to tools for honey removing.

Even there was a place for innovation, because there were new honeycomb boxes that can be put some over others to make a huge bee community.

Obviously, there could be bought honey and related products as mead or beer.

At Sant Pau del Camp monastery, there were very interesting speeches, as the one by Carol Obiol about Apitherapy, that means a way to apply with medicaal benefits all bee products.

Oh... and bees... I was surprised because I found many of them flying free by Jardins de Sant Pau del Camp in a peaceful way, withouth stinging no one. I thought they knew they were the real stars of the day.

18 Sep 2018

All Those Food Market - September 2018

This time, All Those Food Market has being a kinf of start of La Mercè fest, at Barcelona.

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, that seems to be the home of the festival when it is not cold, hosted another edition of the market of food artisans.

As usual, at theatre hall, a bunch of artisans showed what they do: food, drink or food containing.

Outdoors, foodtrucks and other stands offered recently cooked food and drinks to make company.

This time, I ate the La Rika's Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. An excellent fried chicken sandwich, not greasy at all, juicy and so tasty.

From Can Kenji, I ate a good Yakisoba, although noodles were a little bit over cooked in my opinion, and so good gyoza that were made right there.

Everything accompanied with Bandarra's vermouth and "tinto de vegano".

As dessert, I had to go to Delacrem's stand and eat a two flavours ice-cream: Gianduia and Peanuts with salted caramel. A wonder!