10 Jun 2017

20 years of Turisme Garrotxa

From june 6th to 8th the Palau Moja of Barcelona has been the place were there were many activities to spread La Garrotxa (a county from Catalunya). It was celebrated the 20th anniversary of "Turisme Garrotxa".

At the opening of the acts, we could hear a talk between the cook and gastronomic expert Pep Nogué and Fina Puigdevall, cook and owner of de Les Cols, restaurant with two Michelin stars.

The chat has the product as centre. And all of this because Puigdevall takes lots of care of all raw material that she cooks with.. And this is not only growing her own orchard but also for being allied of people from the neighbourhoods. Just for having great products Also, she tries to give importance to traditional ingredients instead of sacrifice them because of a technique or a combination. That's her way to achieve Michelin stars. Hes success is giving importance to products of catalan cuisine like fajol or farro.

After the chat, we enjoyed a taste of dishes prepared by the team of Les Cols.

Crunchy fajol and cold cuts. All delicious!!! Extraordinary taste.

Smoked broth with fajol spaghetti. Silky ans aromatic broth that turned creamy when it was mix with the spaghetti.

Santa Pau beans in their broth. Very simple recipe that increased the taste if the beans.

Egg with tuna. Silky egg with a delicious cream.

Coca and chocolate. The dessert, a very traditional combination. Coca was fluffy and not excessively sweet. The chocolate, marvelous.

Personally, I drank with Cava all the time, It was a Mont-Ferrant Cava made for Les Cols. I can assure it was the best Cava I ever drank.

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